Artifice. Beanie


Introducing the one and only Artifice Beanie! Ready to make a style statement? This unique beanie is perfect for bringing a touch of fun to any look. It's made from high-quality fabric that's both lightweight and comfortable, so you can wear it with any outfit, day or night. Plus, with its one-of-a-kind pattern, you won't find anything else like it. Whether you're looking for a fun addition to a casual look or an extra layer for your evening wear, you've come to the right place!

The Artifice Beanie is the perfect combination of style and function. It's made from a breathable, lightweight fabric to keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Plus, it's made with a bright, bold pattern that will make a statement no matter where you go. It also features a snug fit that will keep in place all day long.

So if you're looking for something stylish and unique, look no further than the Artifice Beanie. Get ready to make a statement with this one-of-a-kind accessory – it's the perfect way to add a little bit of fun and personality to any look.


Hey there, fashion enthusiast! I'm thrilled to introduce you to a unique and distinctive chapter in the world of streetwear – My exclusive use of tapestry as a primary material. As the founder and creative mind behind Artifice, I wanted to share the captivating story behind this unconventional choice, inviting you to explore a fusion of vintage aesthetics and modern urban style.

Unraveling the Tapestry Legacy

Step into the world of Artifice, where tapestry isn't just a fabric, it's a rich narrative woven into every garment. My tapestry, meticulously crafted and steeped in tradition, tells a story of artistry and heritage. Each thread echoes the legacy of time-honored techniques, resulting in a fabric that transcends trends and speaks to the soul of street culture.

A Visual Feast: Vintage Vibes with a Pixel Twist

Picture this – a stroll through the vibrant streets of a retro metropolis, where pixels and threads intertwine to create a visual masterpiece. My tapestry, with its pixelized patterns, pays homage to the iconic visuals of the past while adding a contemporary edge. It's not just clothing; it's a wearable art form that bridges the gap between nostalgia and the urban pulse.

Noble Comfort Redefined

At 'Artifice.', I believe in not only making a visual statement but also ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience. My tapestry, despite its vintage allure, boasts a noble comfort that sets it apart. Imagine the feeling of wearing a garment that not only tells a story but also embraces you in a cocoon of unmatched softness and elegance.

Why Choose Tapestry?

Choosing tapestry isn't just a fashion statement; it's a rebellion against the ordinary. It's an invitation to redefine your style, to embrace the extraordinary, and to wear a piece of history with pride. My garments, born from the loom, carry with them the spirit of innovation, making each purchase not just an addition to your wardrobe but a declaration of individuality.

Experience the Tapestry Revolution

So, are you ready to embark on a sartorial adventure that transcends the ordinary? Dive into the world of Artifice, where tapestry meets streetwear in an unapologetic dance of tradition and contemporary flair. Explore my collection, feel the texture, and become a part of the tapestry revolution.

Indulge in the extraordinary. Elevate your style with Artifice.