'Alien Explosion' Artifice. Crewneck 1 of 1 (M)

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'Artifice' crewneck reworked in my workshop. I sew a 100% cotton tapestry alien on the sweatshirt, and cut out explosions that are then sewn together with another sweatshirt. For a vintage and authentic look.

Unique piece

Size M

The name 'Artifice.' is embroidered.

The fits fit true to size so choose your usual size.

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Clothes are mainly created from tapestry. This fiber fabric is very elegant, giving a vintage and authentic look.

The tapestries are woven with a sustainable blend of cotton of 100% Cotton and recycled cotton. This creates a long lasting, fade/shrink resistant, and breathable blanket.

​All blankets are machine washable! Not only that, but much like a nice denim jacket, the blankets only get softer the more they are used and washed.

The mix of materials between the tapestry and the cotton fleece fabric works wonderfully.